Engine Yard Release Notes for November 23rd 2022 (Stack stable-v7-1.0.10)

Release Version: stable-v7-1.0.10


Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Stack V7 environment.




  1. Added Elasticsearch support (PR: #105)
  2. Fixed Passenger ports configurations for multi app environments. (PR: #139)
  3. Fixed MySQL getting re-installed on replica instances  on every chef run (PR: #150)
  4. Allow dynamic modules to be loaded in nginx (PR: #142)
  5. Fixed Nginx not reloaded on Apply after updating SSL setting (PR #144)
  6. Fixed installation of PostgreSQL 11 and above when using EY_POSTGRES_VERSION (PR #145)
  7. Fixed binary_log_purge script issues. (PR #147)
  8. Update the use of 'ssl' directive in Nginx SSL configuration. (PR #148)


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