Engine Yard Release Notes for October 31st 2022 (Stack stable-v7-1.0.9)

Release Version: stable-v7-1.0.9


Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Stack V7 environment.




  1. Fixed an issue with the setup of third party services from addons.engineyard.com (PR: #137)
  2. Fixed an issue with Puma where a new Gemfile would not reload on deployment (PR: #135)
  3. Fixed an issue where Chef will fail to install Postgres on the first run on a new instance (PR: #132)
  4. Fixed an issue where Puma failed to start after restarting an instance(PR: #129)
  5. Removed desktop-related packages which were recommended by other packages.  This addresses packages already present on instances that are upgraded to this version of the stack. (PR: #131, PR: #128)
  6. Added support for LogEntries *only for 64bit based instances* (PR: #127)
  7. No longer installing packages recommended by Collectd (PR: #124)
  8. Fixed issue with sourcing packages installed through custom recipe (PR: #123)
  9. Changed Sidekiq so it no longer runs as root (PR: #119)
  10. Added Memcached support (PR: #111)
  11. Added New Relic Infrastructure recipe (PR: #109)
  12. Fixed app worker count being incorrect on some instances. (PR: #116)
  13. Improved documentation on how to install packages using custom recipes (PR: #134)
  14. Fixed an issue where cronjobs were not installed on db and utility instances (PR: #133)

Image changes:

Instances created in an environment with v7-1.0.9 will use a new AMI, which has:

  • Binaries for latests versions of Ruby already available, making for faster boot times.
  • Reduced the number of packages installed alongside Collectd.


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