Cannot SSH Into Instance


You are trying to SSH into one of your instances but are unable to. You may receive any of the following error messages:

  • Invalid public key
  • Permission denied (publickey)



  1. To be able to SSH into one of your instances, you need to have created a local SSH key pair. Make sure you are trying to connect with the correct private key. 
  2. Ensure that the key has been added to your environment correctly. After unloading them to an environment, the keys need to be deployed to the environment instances by clicking the Apply option. 

If you have confirmed that the public key has been installed on your instance and that you are using the corresponding private key to connect, but you are still experiencing issues, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support. When doing so, provide the name of the key, and the affected environment and instance. 


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    Leon P

    I have followed your guide for setting up SSH but am still getting Permission denied (publickey)

    I have tried multiple times.
    Please can someone help.

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