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Do you want to know when new features are planned or when new release notes are published? Do you want to try out the latest Rails? Are you interested in learning how to customize your environment with Chef? Do you participate in our Community forum discussions?

If so, you should subscribe to our forums! By subscribing to the forums, you receive an email each time a new article is created, an update has been made to an already existing article or a comment has been made to an article. 

You can subscribe to a forum or to a specific article:

  1. Subscribe to the entire forum. (In the sample image below, you would subscribe to receive emails alerting you of any new articles and/or any comments in any of the topics under the "Engine Yard Cloud Release Notes" forum.
    Note: You can choose the type of subscription when attempting to subscribe to a forum. Either 'New articles' or 'New articles and comments'. The latter will keep you updated whenever a user has commented on an article under that forum.

  2. Subscribe to a specific article. (In the sample image below, you would choose which articles in that forum you would like to subscribe to. For instance, you can choose to subscribe only to the "Engine Yard Release Notes for October 4th, 2021 (Stack V6)" article.

It is extremely easy to be aware of all updates — in real time.

You will begin to receive email notifications for forum/article activity effective immediately.

To subscribe via RSS feed:

If you would like to subscribe to a forum or topic via RSS feed, it is simply the forum url with .rss appended to it.  

For instance, if you would like to subscribe to the Known Issues forum, you would just subscribe to: 

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