Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 FAQs

Note: The stack referred to in this article is no longer maintained and this article is kept purely for reference.

What is this new Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Operating System (OS) distribution?

The existing Engine Yard stack was launched in 2009. Engine Yard continually updated the OS and added new features by way of customized cookbooks. A new Gentoo distribution has now reached General Availability (GA) and is based on current upstream Hardened Gentoo.

With this upgrade, we are taking the opportunity to provide updated versions of our stack components, bringing us (and you!) to the latest and greatest software now available.

What impact does this have on customers' applications?

Existing Engine Yard applications will not be affected until you are ready to test them using a new environment on the new OS. We encourage you to begin testing Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 on your next new environment!

Brand new Engine Yard applications should be created using the new Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 distribution.

All new environments and new trials now use the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 distribution by default.

How do I migrate an existing application?

For simple migrations, see Simple Migration from Engine Yard Gentoo 2009 (stable-v2) to 12.11 (stable-v4).

For more complex migrations, see Migrate from Engine Yard Gentoo 2009 (stable-v2) to 12.11 (stable-v4) with Custom Chef.

If you need assistance, contact Engine Yard Support.

Where can I find Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11?

You can access Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 by using the Stack select field in the Environment UI; select stable-v4:


Note: The legacy Engine Yard Gentoo stack is stable-v2.

What if I need to update my app stack soon? Should I do it now?

If you are planning to update your stack soon, you might want to check the versions listed in the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack.

An important consideration when you create and test an Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 environment is to verify the version numbers for all stack components.

We always encourage you to continue with the best practice of keeping stack components as close as possible to the most recent releases.

When there is a security patch on the Engine Yard Gentoo stack, how soon will that patch be applied to the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 stack?

Engine Yard works hard to ensure that security patches are applied to all stacks at the same time. For complex issues, it might not be possible to do so on the same date. The release notes specify which stack (Engine Yard Gentoo (stable-v2) or Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 (stable-v4)) the updates and security patches apply to.

Tip: You can subscribe to the Release Notes forum to keep up to date on the news.

Keep in mind that not all the updates to the Engine Yard Gentoo (stable-v2) stack are applicable to the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 (stable-v4) stack; in those cases, there won't be a corresponding update on the Gentoo 12.11 stack.

How soon do the weekly cookbook stack updates get applied to the Gentoo 12.11 stack?

Same answer as above.

Which regions are supported with Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11?

Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 supports all the same regions, as described in this doc: Use Multi-Region on Engine Yard Cloud.

Does this affect add-on partners?

No; this does not affect add-on partners.

Where can we learn more?

You can learn more about Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 by reading Use Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11. You can also take a look at the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack and the blog.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact Engine Yard Support. We want to help! We'll do our best to answer your app- and environment-specific questions.

If you have a general question about Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11, enter it as a comment below. We will merge it into this FAQ article when appropriate.

If you have feedback or questions about this page, add a comment below. If you need help, submit a ticket with Engine Yard Support.


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