Differences in the V5 stack from our stack older versions

Major Changes with the V5 Stack

The Stable v5 stack has changes based on Engine Yard’s years of assisting customers. Some ports have moved and some services are no longer running by default. Here is a list of items that have significantly changed


In the stable V5 stack , all environments run haproxy. Previously a solo instance and an environment with an application master were a different port configuration. This has changed to make any custom chef or expected behavior to match staging and production environment. The main reason for this change is that haproxy can now terminate the ssl certificate. This allows the x-forwarded-for header to be properly set of the real request. The decryption of SSL by HAProxy also has the effect that both http and https requests are proxied to the non-SSL nginx listener, meaning the app.ssl.conf and custom.ssl.conf config files are no longer utilized and any required configuration should be adapted accordingly.


The nginx default listening port has changed to port 8081 from port 81 and 444.

Other Services

Memcached and Redis are no longer installed or run by default;They require a custom chef recipe to enable. This change allows customers to be in control of what and how they want these services installed on their environment.

Custom Chef

There is no longer a custom chef run but a single main chef run. This chef run combines the main and custom recipes with the custom uploaded recipes overwriting any of our default configurations. We have a document covering our custom chef for this stack here.


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