Use Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11

Note: The stack referred to in this article is no longer maintained and this article is kept purely for reference.

This document explains how to use the Engine Yard Gentoo Operating System (OS) 12.11 distribution on Engine Yard Cloud.

Note: For clarity, since we now have 2 GA stacks, we refer to this stack as the "Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11" stack. You can access it by using the Stack select field in the Environment UI:


Get started with Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11

Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 overview

This Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 update includes a rebase off Hardened Gentoo, which provides a more secure stack for your application environments.

This new Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 distribution is based off recent Gentoo, including Hardened Gentoo toolchain enhancements that provide mitigation against various exploit vectors and improve the security of all software within the distribution.

As a benefit, moving to this distribution means that weekly stack upgrades require less Chef recipes. This means faster booting and upgrade processes. As always, we encourage you to keep stack components as close as possible to the most recent releases.

For a list of the stack components supported on Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11, see Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack.

Prerequisites for Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11

Important: The primary consideration when you create and test an Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 environment is to verify the version numbers for all stack components. The Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 environment supports:

  • MySQL version 5.5.x if your app uses MySQL.
  • PostgreSQL version 9.2.x if your app uses PostgreSQL.
  • Other component versions as described in the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack.

You must:

  • Create a new environment. You cannot update an existing app environment at this time.
  • Use 64-bit instances (32-bit instances are not supported on this distribution).

Use Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11

We will continually update the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack page with the latest verified versions.

To deploy a new app using Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11

  1. Ensure that your app meets all the prerequisites above.

  2. Create your application in the usual way.

    Note: Your stack selections should be on the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack.

  3. Create a new environment in the usual way.

    Note: Your stack selections should be on the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Tech Stack.

  4. Select the Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 Stack: stable-v4 and click Create Environment.


    This displays the configuration choices for your Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 environment.

  5. On the Configuration page, select the environment setup you need.


    • If you choose the Single Instance, Staging Configuration, or Production Configuration, verify that it has pre-configured 64-bit instances under the Instance Details section. (If it doesn't, then you must choose Custom Configuration instead.)
    • If you choose Custom Configuration, be sure and select only 64-bit instance sizes.
  6. Click Boot this Configuration.

    Your Engine Yard Gentoo 12.11 environment starts up.

More information

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