Checking If Chef Recipe is Enabled


You have uploaded multiple cookbooks to customize your environment and you wish to determine which of these have actually been enabled or turned on. 



V5 Stack

  1. Connect to the application and database instance (for a single-server environment) or the application master instance (for a clustered environment) as described in Connect to Your Instance Using SSH.
  2. Navigate to the cookbooks folder using the following command cd /etc/chef/recipes/cookbooks.
  3. To review all the recipes that have been previously uploaded, list the files in the cookbooks folder by using the ls -l command. 
  4. Navigate to the ey-custom folder in cookbooks. cd ey-custom/.
  5. Read the metadata.rb file using the cat command: cat metadata.rb.
  6. The enabled recipes will be displayed.

V6 Stack

  1. Access EYC.
  2. On your Dashboard, click the environment name.
  3. On the Environment page, scroll down to More Options and click on Environment Variables.
  4. Check if any of the following have been enabled and configured:
    • EY_SIDEKIQ_*

You can also review the chef log to determine whether a recipe has been enabled using the less command: less /var/log/chef.log and searching for a specific recipe. For example, while viewing the chef log, you can enter the following to check whether the redis recipe has been enabled: /redis.
The word redis in the log will be highlighted.


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