Engine Yard Ubuntu 20.04 Technology Stack

This Engine Yard technology stack is specifically for the Engine Yard Ubuntu v7 (20.04) OS distribution and applies to languages supported in the Engine Yard Cloud UI.

Continuing with our reliance on Ubuntu releases, Stack v7 (20.04) is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (named 'Focal Fossa'). When we say '20.04' it means that Engine Yard grabbed 'Focal Fossa' as the status it was on April 2022 and build Stack v7 from it. As such, it benefits from security patching done by the larger Ubuntu community while retaining the same layout that older version of EY stack have. Chef recipes' structure is similar to previous stack (v5, v6), and custom recipes can be converted to v7 with little to no effort.

Each component in the stack has been customized and optimized over thousands of developer hours by engineers at Engine Yard; our engineers include leading Ruby on Rails contributors, expert cluster engineers, Certified AWS Solutions Architects, and seasoned DBAs for web server performance, database efficiency, and long-term scalability. We meticulously test and fully integrate each new component and component update to provide reliability, security, and compatibility within the stack.

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