Adding SSH Keys to Engine Yard Cloud

Before you can access an instance in your application's environment via SSH, you need to create an SSH key pair and then add it to Engine Yard Cloud. 

To add keys to Engine Yard Cloud

  1. Locate and copy the public key on your local machine:

    • If the key has just been generated using PuTTYgen, copy the Public key from the PuTTY Key Generator.

    • If you previously generated the key using PuTTYgen, open the PuTTY Key Generator, click on Load, select an existing key to view, and copy the public key.

    • If you generated the SSH key via CLI, open Notepad and open the public key file, by default found in ~/.ssh/

  2. In your Engine Yard Dashboard, click on the Tools drop-down.

  3. Click on SSH Public Keys.

  4. Click on Add a new SSH public key.

  5. Enter a name in the Name field to identify the key.

  6. Paste the key (copied in Step 1) into the Public Key field.

  7. Select the environments that you want to add this key to. If you don’t have any environments, this key is automatically added to the ones you create later on.

  8. Click on Add Key.
    Your ssh public key will be added to your Engine Yard account.

Next step

Install your public key to your application environment(s).

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