Deploy from the CLI

Note: The stack referred to in this article is no longer maintained and this article is kept purely for reference.

Welcome to the user guide for deploying to Engine Yard Cloud with the engineyard gem. For more information about Engine Yard's CLI, refer to the Engine Yard CLI User Guide.

To deploy an application from the CLI

  1. Install the engineyard gem:

    gem install engineyard
  2. Switch to your local application directory that contains your git repository:

    cd ~/my_application
  3. Deploy your application:

    ey deploy

    If your application is running in multiple environments, append -e environment_name to disambiguate, for example, ey deploy -e production.

  4. The first time you run the engineyard gem, enter your Engine Yard account credentials (email address and password) at the prompts. You only have to enter these once.

    Your application is now deployed.

Common Errors

If you get the following error when deploying the application:


You will need to install OpenSSL and then rebuild eventmachine.

For .nix environments (including WSL):

  1. sudo apt-get install openssl
  2. gem install eventmachine

For Windows environments: 

  1. Download and install OpenSSL 
  2. Add it to the path as described on Installing OpenSSL on Windows 10 and updating PATH.
  3. Rebuild eventmachine by running gem install eventmachine

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