Apply Configuration Changes


This document describes the system responses when you click "Apply" for your environment.



Apply configuration changes to your environment

The Apply button is always available in your environment. A warning sign will appear on this button when the system detects a change that needs to be made in the environment or in a specific instance (like a new SSH key or an SSL certificate). When you click the Apply button in your environment, Engine Yard performs the following actions:

  • Runs the Chef recipes for the Engine Yard stack. (Recipes are the scripts used by Chef to configure cloud environments.) When all Chef recipes complete successfully, the dashboard displays a green indicator green indicator. If there is a problem, the dashboard displays a red indicator red indicator.
  • Runs the custom Chef recipes that you or a collaborator added to the environment.
  • Checks for changes to SSH keys that have been made on the account and pushes them to the environment.
  • Configures SSL certificates for the environment.
  • Updates the database.yml file.

Important: If the ChefDeploy feature is enabled on your account, then a deployment occurs when Chef is run. If you do not want to redeploy an application on the environment, then request that Engine Yard turn off this feature for you before clicking the Apply button.

Note: You will need to apply configuration changes multiple times when working in an unstable environment, to fix configuration issues in your environment. The environment will become unstable if, for example, an instance is stopped instead of the whole environment, and the chef will fail. This will cause configurations to become stuck. 


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