Hibernate your Engine Yard Cloud account

If you don’t need to use your Engine Yard account, you don’t have to cancel, you can instead hibernate your account. You can hibernate your account simply by stopping all running instances, delete all environments, and removing any Elastic IP addresses.

WARNING: Deleting your environment deletes all your data. Before you delete the environment, you should back up any data that you might want to use at a later date. For information on database backups, see Back up the database.

To hibernate your account

Your account is hibernating when all instances have been stopped, all environments have been removed, and all IP addresses have been deleted.

  1. Login to your Engine Yard account.
  2. For each environment in your account, click Terminate.
  3. Then click Delete for each Environment.

    Warning: Deleting your environment will delete all your data.

  4. Click the Tools > IP Addresses menu item in the toolbar.
  5. Click the Delete icon for each IP address.

Why delete IP addresses?

Amazon does not charge for IP addresses that are in use. However, “reserving” an IP address (keeping it assigned to your account but not running on an instance ) incurs a monthly fee from Amazon.

See the note at the bottom of the pricing page about the charge for reserved IP addresses.

Reactivate your account

When you are ready to use your account again, just log in, re-create your environments, and start up an instance.

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