Securing your account with Two-Factor Authentication


Engine Yard offers increased account security for users by supporting two-factor authentication, which requires a randomly generated code to be provided upon login, along with the password, thus protecting against unauthorised logins in cases where a password may have been compromised.


Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

To enable 2FA on your Engine Yard account:

  1. Install a 2FA/MFA application on one or more of your devices. Google Authenticator and Authy are good options here, with the latter supporting multiple devices, meaning that codes can be recovered should a device no longer be accessible, rather than requiring codes to be replaced. For increased security it is recommended to have protection on the 2FA app itself in order to prevent anybody with unauthorised physical access to the device being able to generate a code.
  2. Next, login to your account via and then visit and click Enable two-factor authentication then follow the instructions in order to add your Engine Yard account to the 2FA app.
  3. Upon next login you will be required to enter the 2FA code after providing your account password.


Adding additional Authentication apps

If you are using a 2FA application such as Google Authenticator which does not support multiple devices and wish to add another device then this can be done via:


Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

To disable 2FA if you still have access to your 2FA device:

To disable or reset 2FA if you no longer have access to your 2FA device:

  • Another user on your Engine Yard organisation account (preferably an owner) should open a support ticket requesting the disabling or reset of the 2FA functionality on your user account.
  • If you are the only user on the account then please open a support ticket to request the change and Support will work with to authorise and enact the change.



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