Engine Yard Cloud Introduced

Easily deploy your applications to the cloud using the Engine Yard Platform. From smaller-scale web applications that run within a single compute instance, to production applications that require the elasticity, scalability and reliability of multiple instances running at “full-tilt”, Engine Yard can scale with your needs.

Benefits of using Engine Yard

With Engine Yard you only pay for what you use. There are no setup or environment fees. Automated load balancing and full spectrum monitoring mean that you get the reliability you need, along with essential infrastructure services such as persistent storage, web-based gem installs, data backup/restore, and system monitoring — all backed by legendary Engine Yard support and the battle-tested Engine Yard stack.

Engine Yard is an ideal solution for:

Application developers

Start from scratch and get your first application up and running in less than five minutes. Need to test out new code? Clone your production environment and test your new code on the clone, then terminate the clone after your test is complete. Using application cloning, a 20-server environment can cost less than $4 for an hour-long integration test.

Application architects

There are no compromises with Engine Yard. Design applications with the modules, plugins and packages that you know and trust. Passenger, memcached, Tokyo, Redis, Sphinx and more — they’re all right there, ready for use. With our extensible recipe system you can add and automate anything else that you need. And you can always rely on Engine Yard professional consulting services for advice on architecture scaling, with everything from caching to sharding to data architectures.

Application owners

Worried about application uptime costs or data security? With Engine Yard, you only pay for what you use and your support costs scale based on the size of your site. Furthermore, you always get the latest security patches, and it only takes a single click to upgrade your environments with a new patch.

Web development firms

Tired of all those non-billable hours for customer handoff that seem to creep into every project? With cloud-based application development and deployment, you can ensure an easy and predictable application handoff. Build your architecture as you go, and always have a customer-handoff ready application stored on Engine Yard, ready to be spun up into a live environment. Best of all, when your environment isn’t running, you only pay minimal data costs to store your data.

Platform Architecture

Learn more about the technology components used in Engine Yard architecture.

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