Managing Multiple Logins

Every account, whether Engine Yard Cloud, or Engine Yard on Terremark, has a corresponding ticketing account associated with it. If you have access to multiple accounts, you might notice that you have been prompted to create a unique email address to associate with each account.

Your single sign-on (SSO) email allows you access to multiple Engine Yard accounts; however, the Support ticketing system requires a unique email per account, so that it knows which account to file a ticket against.

Edit your logins

You can edit the email addresses associated with each account by navigating to From there, the list of accounts associated with your SSO email appears.

If you have already associated an email address with an account, you will see the account listed in the "Log in to Zendesk as one of the following accounts" section, with an Edit link next to it. Click on the Edit link to make any changes.


If you have not yet associated an email address with that account, the edit link will not appear. Instead, the account will show in the "Add access for one of the following accounts" section. Click on the account's link; you will be prompted to provide a unique email address to be associated with that account. (In the example image below, the account we are assigning an email to is "Jamie").


The suggested way to handle having access to multiple accounts is to use plus addressing, provided your email system accepts it. This allows you to have a unique email address associated with each ticketing account, yet still receive all your ticket notifications at the same email address.

For example, if you have access to one Engine Yard on Terremark account and two Engine Yard on Amazon accounts, you might edit them like this:

Terremark -

AWS 1 -

AWS 2 -

We recommend that you use your primary email (for example, for the access email for your primary account. To switch between ticketing accounts, log in to the account you need to access from the resulting login page.

Note: When you edit your email logins as described above, it affects your logins for each ticketing account; it does not change your SSO email login, (the one that gives you access to the Engine Yard login page).

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