How are we doing on release notes?

Updated: March 28th, 2014

If you are reading this article, then you read docs ... thanks! Last year, we updated our processes related to weekly stack updates and release notes. You might have noticed we are:

  • Working toward a regular cadence (Tuesdays, early p.m. Pacific time) for stack releases.
  • Updating our release notes format. We include the color-coded action (green means no extra action required from you; red means you might have some extra work with this cookbook release).
  • Listening to you about the release notes - including enough information so you can assess the risks before you click the Upgrade button.
  • Encouraging customers to subscribe to the release notes, so you can receive the word in case we need to release a hot fix. (If you are interested in learning about upcoming releases, you should subscribe to this forum.)
  • Considering what more we need to do to help you manage your risks (with Upgrade and Apply especially).

So ... Have these changes helped? Is there something more we need to do?

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