Tutorial: How to Deploy the ToDo Application on a Trial Account

In this tutorial, you deploy a Ruby application (a web-based to-do list) to the Engine Yard Cloud.

This tutorial is illustrated in the Product Tour video (at the end of the page).

This is the process for deploying the ToDo application:

Sign up for a trial account

If you have already signed up for and started your trial account, skip to Create and deploy the application below.

To sign up for your trial account

  1. Navigate to login.engineyard.com/signup
  2. Enter your name, email address, and a password.
  3. Agree to the terms of service and select the check box.
  4. Click Create Account.

Validate and start your trial account

After signing up for a trial account, you get an email from Engine Yard.

In this procedure, you validate and name the account and start your free trial.

To validate and start your trial account

  1. Find the email "Welcome to Engine Yard. Please verify your email."
    This email from Engine Yard (sso@engineyard.com via sendgrid.me) should appear in your inbox a few minutes after you create your account.
  2. Click on the verification link.
    This goes to the new accounts page at cloud.engineyard.com.

  3. Enter a name for your account.


    The name must be unique and without spaces and punctuation. Hyphens are allowed.

  4. Click Start Trial.


    Your trial begins with your new account and the Create New Application page appears.

  5. Enter your credit card and billing information or a promo code.

    Credit card information is required to ensure that as an actual prospect, you get the best possible, high-quality experience. Be assured that we will not charge you anything for your first 500 hours while we show you the power of the Engine Yard platform.

    If you have an Engine Yard promo code, enter it and click Apply to bypass the credit card requirement.


  6. Click Submit.

    The "You are all set" page opens.


  7. Click the "Continue to your Cloud Dashboard" button to deploy your application.

Create and deploy the application

The code for the ToDo application that you create in this procedure is in a public repository in GitHub.

To create the ToDo application

  1. If you are not already signed in to your Engine Yard account, log in now to cloud.engineyard.com

  2. On the Create New Application page, click "I would like to deploy a sample app" and select "Ruby"".

    This populates the Git Repository URI field with the GitHub address for the ToDo application.


    The Application Name field is also auto-populated. 

    The ToDo application is a Rails 3 application; do not change the Application Type field.

  3. Click Create Application.


    The Create New Environment for the todo App page appears.

Next you configure and boot the environment for the ToDo app.

To create the ToDo environment

  1. On the Create New Environment page, enter a name for your Environment.


    Note: Because this is the ToDo app, you can accept the rest of the environment defaults in this case. If you were creating your own app, you would need to configure your specific environment at this point.

  2. Click Create Environment.


    The Configuration for todo_production page appears.

  3. On the Configuration page, select the Single Instance configuration.


    Note: Because this is the ToDo app, you only need a single instance. If you were creating your own app, you would need to choose a configuration that suits the needs of your app. See Upgrade a Free Trial Account to a Full Account for more information.

  4. Click Boot This Configuration.


    The todo_production environment for the todo application appears.


    It will take a while to configure the environment and spin up the instance for the first time.

    Tip: If you want to refresh to double-check on progress, click Engine Yard Cloud in the top left rather than refreshing your browser:


  5. Verify that the deploy was successful. You should see a message similar to this:


  6. If you do not see a successful deploy message, click Deploy.

Run the ToDo application

In this procedure, you run the ToDo application that you deployed.

To run the ToDo application

  1. Verify that the indicator is green.

    It might take 5 minutes or more for the new instance to load and the indicator to turn green.


    Tip: A green indicator means that the instance is loaded -- it does not necessarily mean that the application has deployed successfully. A red indicator means there was a problem configuring the instance.

  2. Click Visit Your Application.


    (You can also click on HTTP for the instance.)

    The ToDo application appears.


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