Engine Yard Release Notes for November 8th, 2018

Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 environment.

Note: For clarity, since we now have 2 Gentoo stacks, we refer to this stack as the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 stack. You can access it by using the Stack select field in the Environment UI: stable-v5-3.0.49

It's best practice to upgrade your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 (stable-v5) stack regularly for the latest security and product updates. This week's updates:

  1. Fixing DB SSL keys distribution on instance addition.
  2. Adding health check path monitoring on HAproxy.
  3. Fixing monit.d directory creation during memcache installation.
  4. Prompt is now more informative for every user, not just deploy.
  5. Removing New Relic Server Monitoring package installation. It's now replaced with New Relic Infrastructure.
  6. HAproxy will "keepalive" connection on the client side.

For more information on Engine Yard Gentoo 2016, see the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 docs.


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