Engine Yard Release Notes for February 20th, 2019

Action: You apply the following changes the next time you click the Upgrade button for your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 environment.

Note: For clarity, since we now have 2 Gentoo stacks, we refer to this stack as the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 stack. You can access it by using the Stack select field in the Environment UI: stable-v5-3.0.57

It's best practice to upgrade your Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 (stable-v5) stack regularly for the latest security and product updates. This update:

  • Calculate DJ workers on Gen5 EC2 instances (T3, I3, M5, R5, C5). Now delayed_job workers number is dynamically calculated based on instance type and the default number of 2 workers is no longer used.

  • Τune cron recipe adding an option to install cronjobs on app master exclusively

For more information on Engine Yard Gentoo 2016, see the Engine Yard Gentoo 2016 docs.


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