Announcement: New Engine Yard Platform Status Page

To keep you informed about any issues that affect the Engine Yard Cloud Platform, we are introducing a new Platform Status Page.

The Platform Status page will provide real time updates so you are aware of what is going on as an incident unfolds. It will display details of the event and whether Engine Yard Cloud is operational, experiencing degraded performance, or a partial outage or major outage.

We understand that many of our customers are dependant on Github’s services as well, so it will automatically update you on any changes in its status.

You can subscribe to receive notifications whenever Engine Yard creates or updates an incident via email, SMS, Twitter, Atom or RSS.  You may also notice that the status is now displayed in our helpdesk system.

Previously, we have alerted you to any incidents via our Known Issues forum within our helpdesk. We will continue to update this forum with a link to the current issue.

By moving the incident response to this Status Page, all Engine Yard Cloud Platform information will be in one place. Subscribe today!


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