July 2022 Changes to Platform & Support Plans

New Innovations

We, at Engine Yard, have been innovating to continue making AWS easy for you.

  • Engine Yard Kontainers: We built EYK to help our customers deploy their Kubernetes based container workloads on AWS without the complexity involved in managing Kubernetes clusters or building a CI/CD pipeline to operate efficiently with these workloads.
  • Stack v7: V7 is the all new Engine Yard Cloud stack that brings you the latest OS, databases and instance type support so that you can run your applications faster and cheaper.
  • Graviton: Graviton processors deliver up to 40% better price-performance over equivalent x86 processors. Engine Yard Stack v7 supports Graviton2 and will support Graviton3 as well.
  • DevSpaces: DevSpaces offers cloud-based high-performance, clean, consistent dev environments that you can get up and running in seconds.
  • CloudFix: CloudFix is the easiest way to save 10% to 20% on your AWS costs with few clicks. CloudFix finds and executes 100% safe, AWS-recommended fixes to save on your AWS spend. Most importantly, your EngineYard subscription grants you free access to CloudFix for savings that are up to 10 times your annual spend with us.

We recognize that taking advantage of these innovations requires extra effort. We want to ensure that you get the most support from Engine Yard so that you can adopt these new technologies with minimal effort. Starting today, we are enhancing our Platinum support plan to include support for (a) stack migrations to v7 and (b) migration of your applications to Graviton - both of which would save significantly on your cloud spend.

Platform & Support Pricing Increase

Continued innovation requires us to focus on the latest stack. In addition, environments utilising older stacks are more costly to maintain because (a) older technologies require more Support & Engineering resources to get & keep running and (b) as customers migrate to newer stacks, older stack costs need to be shared by fewer customers who are left on them. We strongly encourage you to migrate your applications to Stack v7, in order to get the latest functionality as well as to maintain software compatibility and security updates.

In order to sustainably innovate and to continue maintaining older stacks, we are introducing some pricing changes. Starting 1-July-2022, instances running on older Engine Yard stacks (older than Stack v7) will be charged a 20% additional fee on the Platform and Support portion of your bill. Your current pricing plan, such as Flex and Transparent, will remain the same - the only change is that there will be a 20% additional fee on Platform & Support when you run older stacks. If you run a combination of v7 and older stacks, only those instances that run older stacks will be charged the additional fee.

Here is a summary of what's changing and what's not:

Billing Category Price Change
AWS IaaS Instances No change
AWS Other Services No change
EY Platform and Support - environments running on Stack v6 or older 20% additional fee
EY Platform and Support - environments migrated to Stack v7 No change, plus save more with Graviton instances

Please consider migrating your applications to Stack v7 and potentially to Graviton - with Graviton's 40% price-performance improvement, you'll save even more on your EC2 instances. Migration to Stack v7 & Graviton is a clear win on both price and performance.

If you recently migrated to Stack v6 or are in the process of migrating to v6, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to work with you on a plan.

Thank you for your continued support. Please reach out to us at customersuccess@engineyard.com if you have any questions regarding the pricing, or submit a support ticket if you have questions regarding a migration to Stack v7.


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