Changes to the Support portal - September 2022

What's happening:

As part of our ongoing efforts in increasing our capacity to handle requests for Support and Professional Services, Engine Yard is transitioning to a new Support portal.  This new configuration will allow us to better route requests across the Engine Yard Team, improve how long-running engagements are handled, and give better tools for our agents to work on tickets and documentation.


The target date for this change is Monday, September 12th, at noon UTC.


What does not change:

  • The way that the Engine Yard platforms themselves work, or your applications managed by them. i.e.: no downtime on your apps or service degradation on the EY platforms will be incurred as part of this transition.
  • Pricing, billing, and the overall management of your account with Engine Yard.
  • Escalations through IRC and phone.  You will always find an Engine Yard Support agent on IRC and a phone call in case that you need to escalate an issue.
  • Proactive Support.  If you've contracted Premium or higher Support Level with Engine Yard, we will continue monitoring your environments and open proactive tickets should any incidents occur.


What changes:

  • The Engine Yard Support portal will be found at
  • Your password to access the Support portal will be different from that used to access the Engine Yard platforms. The email address used for logging in will remain the same.  You will receive an email on how to reset the password which will be specific for the Support portal.
  • The availability of your ticket history.  Historic tickets will be migrated, though not all will be immediately available but will be migrated within a week of the new portal being moved over to.  Historical tickets will remain available within the current Support portal for the foreseeable future though.


Frequently asked questions:

  • How and when will I receive the email with the new access instructions?

Emails will be sent only on Monday, September 12th, at noon UTC.

  • It is late Monday already and I have not received the password reset email, what should I do?

A new password reset email can be obtained by going to, click on 'Forgot my password', entering the same email you use for, and click on 'Submit'.

Please see this Zendesk help article in order for instructions on clearing your cookies for the domains, and If you continue to have issues please call us on +1 480-977-6713.

  • How long would it take for my ticket history to be available?

The ticket history will be available on the new portal by the end of the October 24th - October October 29th week.  If you need information on a ticket not yet available, you can keep accessing historical tickets under "My Activities" after logging into the old portal

  • Who can I contact for further questions, comments, and concerns?

Our Customer Success Team is always available to address any topics pertinent to the quality of services provided by Engine Yard.  It can be contacted at



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