Engine Yard Platform Release Notes for April 25, 2019

Action: None. The changes take place upon deployment of the Engine Yard backend.

  • Now default networks can be selected when creating RDS service.
  • Fixed: unable to deprovision instance created by Auto Scaling.
  • Instances created by autoscaling are now not available for stop/restart commands.
  • When creating ALB, the platform now offers only SSL Certificates of the current account.
  • Fixed: error when discovering some RDS snapshots.
  • Fixed: some links in help pop-ups were pointing to the wrong URL.
  • Fixed: typo in some types of alert emails.
  • Fixed: some UI problems on RDS index page.
  • Now showing the type of RDS snapshot (automatic or manual).
  • Fixed: error when some instances were marked as disappeared after stopping them.


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