Engine Yard Platform Release Notes for October 10, 2019


Action: None. The changes take place upon deployment of the Engine Yard backend.

  • Fixed: error which prevented booting environments with platinum level support.
  • New environments get Stable v5 stack by default.
  • Classic Link state of a network is now displayed.
  • The loading bar is now shown when a deploy is ongoing on any given environment.
  • A 'grey' icon is now shown when all instances in the environment are stopped.
  • Fixed: error where the stack version was omitted when copying an environment.
  • CloudWatch metrics are now available right at an instance's description.
  • Fixed: error where selecting stable-v6 ended up unselecting the network assigned to the environment.
  • Fixed: caching error which caused the owner of the environment not being able to change the support level.
  • Fixed: backend error that occurred when adding a new application to the existing environment.



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