Engine Yard Platform Release Notes for March 19th, 2019

Action: None. The changes take place upon deployment of the Engine Yard backend.

This week's release includes the following fixes: 

  • Fixed typo on cluster configuration page
  • Disabled Auto Scaling functionality for Solo environments
  • Added option to change attached Network during Environment cloning process
  • Volume discovery process now correctly updates IOPS value
  • Fixed CIDR validation on create new network page
  • Fixed Core API 500 error when supplying unknown policy during new IAM role creation
  • Fixed error in daily cron job for whitelisting environments
  • Fixed "List blueprints by account" Core API method to accept account id returned from "List Accounts" request
  • Fixed authorization error when creating (database) server alerts
  • Fixed dashboard error caused by outstanding collaboration invitation from canceled account
  • Fixed firewall discovery process for all-traffic rules


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