Engine Yard Platform Release Notes for October 21, 2019

Action: None. The changes take place upon deployment of the Engine Yard backend.

  • Fixed: not being able to create a target group with HTTPS protocol.
  • Fixed: not being able to select instance type while copying the environment from Stack v2 to Stack v4 and selecting a network (VPC).
  • Added a missing link to the dashboard on some pages.
  • Cloned environments are forced to use a network (VPC).
  • Deleting ALB Endpoint does not delete the whole service.
  • Reworked UI for the shared file system (EFS) functionality.
  • Target Group Internal Port field is now set to the correct value for solo v4 environments.
  • Added missing account links to the breadcrumbs on some pages.
  • Classic link in no longer available when creating Networks in the VPC-enabled regions.


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