Managing EYK SSH Keys

To deploy your application to an EYK Cluster requires an SSH connection and thus a public key shared with the cluster.

NOTE: Uploading a public key is done on a per-cluster basis, rather than a per-account basis. Therefore if you have multiple clusters you must upload a key to each cluster individually. These can be the same or different keys, dependent on your preference.



  1. Have, or create, an SSH keypair on your local machine
  2. Be logged-in to an EYK Cluster, via eyk ssologin, or eyk logout && eyk ssologin to change cluster


Upload an SSH Public Key

Use the command such as eyk keys:add ~/.ssh/ to upload a key, substituting ~/.ssh/ for the path to the chosen key on your local machine.


View Existing Cluster Public Keys

Use the command eyk keys:list to view the keys currently uploaded to the cluster.


Remove an SSH Public Key

Use the command eyk keys:remove _name_ to remove a key, where _name_ is the name as per eyk keys:list.


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