Engine Yard Platform Release Notes for June 6th, 2019

Action: None. The changes take place upon deployment of the Engine Yard backend.

This week's release include the following fixes: 

  • Only Gen4 and Gen5 instances are available for Stack v6
  • Cleaned up userdata script for Stack v6.
  • Security Group discovery now recognizes ALL protocol rules.
  • Stack v6 uses Ruby's built-in RubyGems, so version selection is not available on the UI - see here for further information.
  • Fix for SendGrid add-on invoices being posted to incorrect EY month's invoices.
  • Added RubyGems 2.6.14 and 2.7.9 to reflect the latest security patches.
  • Restrict available RubyGems versions based on the selected version of Ruby.


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