Accessing Resources from External VPCs


As you develop your application, you may have a need to connect to Engine Yard Cloud (EYC) environments or another Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Your Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) resources, such as databases and Redis clusters, reside in Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPC for application security. The AWS VPC is a virtual network that keeps application resources separate from publicly facing sites. Your VPC is exclusive to your cluster and does not offer built-in connectivity or peering, but can be connected by request to Support.


Request Connectivity to an EYC Environment

  1. Submit a support request and specify the EYK environment you want to have connectivity to your EYC environment.

Request Connectivity to Another VPC

  1. Browse to the Clusters tab of the EYK console. Under “Network Information”, take note of the account number and VPC ID:
    Use this information to invoke the AWS EC2 CreateVpcPeeringConnection API:

    As an example, for the network information above, the request would look like:
  2. Submit a support request and specify your EYK cluster and the VPC peering connection request from the step above. Our support staff can accept the request to establish the VPC peering connection.



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