Monitoring Applications on Kontainers


Every Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) Application that you deploy is connected to a Grafana instance with basic Metrics available on your Application's Metrics tab in the EYK Web Console. From the Web Console you can see your Application's CPU utilization, Scale (number of Containers that are deployed), HTTP Request Count, and HTTP Request Latency for web applications. In addition, you can access your Grafana instance from the Web Console and create your own monitoring dashboards.


  1. Login to the EYK Web Console
  • You will arrive on the Applications page:
  1. Click on the Application Tile of the Application that you want to Manage Releases for
  • You will arrive on the Application's Dashboard:
    1. Click the Metrics tab at the top

  • Use the Metrics tab to monitor your Application
    • On the Metrics tab:
    1. CPU: Displays a graph of your Application's CPU utilization for the last 6 hours
    2. Desired Scale: Displays a graph that represents the number of Containers that are running your application for the last 6 hours
    3. HTTP Request Count: For applications with a web component, this graph displays the number of HTTP Requests per minute for the past hour
    4. HTTP Request Latency: for applications with a web component, this graph displays latency of the HTTP Requests
    5. View all Metrics: This button will open your Grafana instance where you can create your own dashboard to monitor your Application

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