Problems running console commands when connected through 'eyk ps:console'


Customers initiating a console session to a running container by using the eyk ps:console command may encounter issues when executing commands.

Common problems include:

  • No command auto-completion when using the tab key
  • Up and down arrows giving control characters rather than the command history
  • Rails console behaving strangely with every line starting with special characters such as '▽^[[55;2R'
  • Entering a command in the console does not yield expected results. The screen may be repainted and sometimes there are results when you hit return/enter.


Theeyk ps:console command is meant to initiate a console session to a running container within a pod for inspection.

Typical applicable use cases for the command include:

  • inspect an asset
  • inspect a file being present
  • inspect the running processes
  • being able to execute some basic commands on the Rails console
eyk ps:console <podname> <type> <app> <command> [options]

The eyk ps:console is not meant to be a full-featured CLI console similar to what you get when using ssh or other similar tools hence the unexpected behavior.

Adding more capability to the eyk ps:console utility is currently under consideration by the engineering team as a feature request but there is no firm release date when the requirements will be implemented.


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