Preventing deployment of broken apps to the EYK platform


EYK is allowing deployment of a broken app resulting in the "Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" error when end users attempt to open the application URL from a browser.

Depending on the deployment strategy adopted, customers may prefer to configure EYK to replace pods from the previous release only when the pods from a new release report a healthy status i.e. by returning HTTP/2 200.


Follow these steps to ensure a broken app is not deployed to replace a working release thereby avoiding users getting 503 errors: 

  1. Update your app Healthchecks such that deployment should fail when attempting to deploy an application that returns anything > 399.
  2. Update the Success Threshold to a higher value while decreasing the Period between checks by executing this command:

    eyk healthchecks:set readiness httpGet 3000 -p /signup --type web 
    --period-seconds=<period in seconds>
    --success-threshold=<success threshhold in seconds> -a <app name>


    eyk healthchecks:set readiness httpGet 3000 -p /signup --type web 
    --period-seconds=3 --success-threshold=3 -a single-staging

    Note: Refer to the Setting healthchecks for an application article for more information on the allowed arguments and options for the eyk healthchecks:set command.


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