Configure Environment Variables with the Kontainers Web Console


You can add, modify, or remove Environment Variables from your Engine Yard Kontainers applications using the EYK Web Console. After saving changes to an application's Environment Variables, the application is automatically re-deployed using a rolling deployment that causes no down-time.


  1. Login to the EYK Web Console 
  2. You will arrive on the Applications page. Click on the application name that you want to add, update, or delete Environment Variables on from your list of applications to open the Application's Dashboard
    Click the Application

  3. On the Application Dashboard, click on the Config tab
    Click Config

  4. The Environment Variables section displays your application’s current configuration. In this example, there is just one Environment Variable called ‘example’ with a value of ‘1’.
  • To edit an existing Environment Variable:
  1. Click the edit icon and update the KEY or VALUE as needed
  • To delete an existing Environment Variable:
    1. Click the delete icon
  • To add a new Environment Variable:
    1. Enter the KEY and VALUE for the new Environment Variable, then click the add icon
  • Save your changes:
    1. Click the Save Changes button
      Click Save

    After clicking the Save Changes button, the screen will refresh as your web application is automatically re-deployed with the new Environment Variables, which are displayed on the Config tab.

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