Introduction to Engine Yard Kontainers


Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK) Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides Ruby developers a unified cloud solution that automates application deployment and scaling using container technology. EYK includes an integrated CLI, built-in logging, monitoring, and alerts following the 12-Factor Application method.

Under the hood, EYK is built on top of a Kubernetes container orchestration system that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kibana is integrated for log collection and Grafana for monitoring and alert management.

EYK is designed to allow you as a developer to focus on application development, writing code the way you normally do. A new remote EYK target is created in Git, where container images are seamlessly deployed according to your Docker configuration.

What is Engine Yard Kontainers?

EYK---Simple.pngEKY is a fully managed PaaS that automates DevOps deployment activities necessary for highly-available applications that automatically scale based on demand. As a developer, you focus on what you do best - writing excellent code. You do this just as you always have, using your configuration management tool such as Git. A push to your EYK remote target in Git is all you need to build and deploy your application.

EYK will auto-detect the type of application (ex. Ruby on Rails) in your repository and configure the container appropriately. However, you can customize the container image to your exact requirements using a Dockerfile. You can also specify which processes are to be run in your containers. For example, you may have a web application process as well as a background process performing work asynchronously.

Pushing your code to the EYK remote target provisions your cluster according to the requirements you specify in the easy-to-use administrative interface. EYK automatically spins up a cluster of pods with your containerized code, according to your specifications. It can be updated at any time without any downtime for your end-users.

If you are a Rails developer who is already using Engine Yard Cloud (EYC), you can redeploy your application on EYK with minimal effort. Simply add a Dockerfile and Procfile to your application’s root directory. If you have integrated Chef Recipes with your application in EYC, our Support team can convert those Recipes into dependencies and resources for you to make your transition easy.

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