Engine Yard Kontainers 1.8 Release Notes - April 6th 2021

Impact: New EYK clusters created since this release will by default be version 1.8. Please contact Support if you need to upgrade an existing cluster.

Action: Due to changes in SSO configuration in 1.8 clusters, it is necessary to upgrade the EYK CLI tool to minimum version 1.0.1. You can check your current version using `eyk -v`. The EYK CLI tool can be upgraded by downloading the latest version by following the steps outlined here.

  • Feature: Provides console access to running containers.

  • Feature: CLI tool support for ARM64 architecture on MacOS added.

  • Feature: Isolation between platform and applications nodes is now supported (upon request to Support)
  • Improvement: Applications now see the real IP of clients.

  • Improvement: CLI tool informs when a new version is available.
  • Improvement: Grafana upgraded to version 7.3.7.

  • Improvement: Creating a cluster within a specified CIDR is now possible (upon request to Support)

  • Improvement: Provisioning resources into ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) region is now possible.

  • Fix: Fixes a bug where setting memory limits will reset other limits.


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