Engine Yard Kontainers CLI 1.0.3 Release Notes - May 13th 2021

Action: The CLI tool itself will show a message stating a new version if available.  Run `eyk update` for this version to be automatically downloaded.

Impact: The primary focus of this release is to improve the result of eyk apps:init and work around a sporadic issue with eyk ssologin.

  • Improvement: The Dockerfile generated by eyk apps:init now runs a script that, during the build process, detects the version of bundler that was used to build the locked bundle and installs it.
  • Fix: When scaffolding an app via eyk apps:init, now working set of Dockerfile and accompanying config files are generated.
  • Fix: When login into a cluster via eyk ssologin <cluster_url>, some customers would never see the final landing page in their browser, but instead seeing a connection refused error. This has been fixed, and appears to have been due either to the failure to handle localhost requests for favicon.ico (which we disabled by embedding an empty icon into the HTML) or the use of an external stylesheet (which we worked around by embedding the style directly in the HTML).



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