Enabling Two Factor Authentication


The customer requested to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for their accounts.


Follow these steps to enable "Two Factor Authentication", or to reset it if they cannot log in:

  1. Either follow up with the customer for which accounts (member email addresses) they want 2FA enabled, or check their account page and gather all member email addresses

  2. Go to https://login.engineyard.com/admin/users

  3. Search for each account

  4. Enable (check) the "Offer two-factor (for non-staff)" option

  5. Inform the customer that on the next login they should get a prompt to set up the 2FA

  6. After they have set it up, you can verify if they have really enabled it for each member email account, the 'Two factor enabled' option will be ticked.

  7. If they can't log in

    1. Disable (un-check) the "Two factor enabled" option

    2. Inform them to request a password reset

Article by: Viktor Mancev‍

Product: Engine Yard



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