User not able to add non-EOL servers


The user is not able to add non-EOL servers, when trying to add a t2, it does not appear in the drop-down, as a matter of fact, all servers that appear in that drop-down seems to be EOL types.


Going forward on our platform by default we'll only be offering the m4/c4/r4/t2 and newer generation of instance.
The newer class of instances do require a VPC account.

If the user does not have one he/she won't be able to see them, in order to add the VPC account:

  • Go to tools > networks.
  • From here the user can create a new VPC.
  • Once created he/she will be able to navigate to an environments page in the dashboard and select the edit environment link.
  • On that page, there will be a networks drop-down menu, select the network and click Update. (This will trigger a chef run on the environment).
  • You'll then have the ability to boot newer instances in that environment. (The same VPC can be re-used for multiple environments by simply selecting the VPC from the edit environment page for each environment.)

Product: Engine Yard Support

Article by: Isaac Ojeh‍



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