Provision of SSL Certificates Failes

Issue Description

A provisioning message as per the picture below is received when a customer attempts to upload an SSL certificate under the Iacommunications organization, and doesn't let it to finish the upload.


Issue Resolution

Firstly, support need to reach out and require from the customer the following information:
1. Ask to attach the SSL certificates to check them and attempt an upload from our end.

2. Ask for the SSL certificate, certificate key and certificate chain (if applicable).

Once the customer provides the information, need to push the ssl certificate to IA account.
Customer then see a select box to choose certificate, and hits Apply on environment.



The problem is the Pem file, and not the intermediate chain.

Pem file = Key + Other certs

So the correct formula for rapid is:

1. Key file in Private Key
2. Crt file In certificate input
3. Attached this key as chain ->




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