Filing Support Tickets

If you have already searched our documentation and forums, and still need help with your question, you can file a ticket.

Note: You must log in before you can file a ticket.

While we use a single sign-on system to allow access to multiple accounts under one email, a unique email must be used for each ticketing account. To keep tickets filed under the correct accounts, please do not open a ticket by email, instead file it through the ticketing system itself. See this doc for more information on accessing multiple ticketing accounts.

File a Support ticket

To file a ticket, click the "Submit a Request" tab along the top of the page. A new ticket request form appears.

Complete the ticket fields

The information you put in the ticket is very important. The more detailed information you can give us, the better we can respond to your request.


Enter a short description of the support request. After you enter text into this field and move on to the description, the system will suggest some of the topics that might be helpful to you, as shown below.


This is where you enter the details of your request.

To help our engineers deal with your request efficiently, include relevant environment names, any relevant application names, Amazon instance IDs (i-xxxxxx) or Terremark slice names (tmxx-sxxxxx). Please also specify what type of error or issue you are seeing. The more information, the better!


The priority indicates the severity issue you are seeing/filing the ticket for. It is important to set the priority accurately, based on the description listed next to it.

Urgent: Your production application is completely down or unusable. Target response time is within 30 minutes.

High: Your production application is up, but is negatively impacted. Target response time is within 4 hours.

Normal: General support requests. Target response time is within 1 business day.

Low: Questions, requests and suggestions. Target response time is within 3 business days.

Note: Premium Support provides support 24x7 emergency support for critical issues causing application unavailability or site down-time. Standard Support provides 12x5 support response (6am-6pm Pacific time Mon-Fri). Trial Support provides support during Engine Yard’s normal business hours (9AM to 5PM US Pacific time). Orchestra's free tier provides support during Engine Yard’s Dublin business hours (9AM to 5PM GMT). See Engine Yard Support Options for more information.


Choosing which product you are filing the ticket for allows us to better triage and respond to your request. This is especially true when you use more than one product. (Options: Engine Yard on AWS, Engine Yard on Terremark, Engine Yard on Azure, Engine Yard Local, or


By choosing the language of the application that you are filing the ticket for, you help us identify how to troubleshoot your request. (Options: Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Java)


You can choose to attach a file or image to the ticket for more detail.


You can choose to record and upload a screencast to share what you are seeing right into the ticket. For more information about this feature, see Screencasting for Tickets.

Submit the ticket

Once you have filled out the ticket fields, click "Submit" and your ticket will be sent to our Support team!

You will then be able to see your ticket in your "Check Your Existing Requests" tab. See Viewing Your Support Tickets for more information on your organization's tickets.



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