Non-VPC to VPC Migrations

VPC Migration Steps

  1. Discover current assets.
  2. Present Customer with proposed instance upgrades & timeline.
    • New instances will need to be current gen.
  3. Create a new network for customer.
    1. Must be in same region as current instances.
    2. Use default address of
    3. Ensure Enable Classic Link is checked
  4. Assign network (VPC) to environment.
    1. Go to environment and click EDIT
    2. Select network and save.
    3. Wait for new firewall to be created.
  5. Add new instances.
    1. Add 1 new instance
    2. Terminate 1 old instance (do not terminate app master, or db master)
    3. Repeat until all instances have been replaced.
  6. Inform customer of completion of first step, schedule downtime.
  7. At scheduled time
    1. Enable maintenance page
    2. promote app to app master, terminate old app master if needed.
    3. promote new db slave to master.
  8. Inform customer migration is complete.

More information can be found in this blog post:



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