Choose a Riak Storage Backend

Updated: January 24th, 2013

Riak supports pluggable storage backends, which means that the database can be tuned to the type of data you are saving by selecting an appropriate storage backend.

Engine Yard Cloud supports all Riak backends:

  • Bitcask - the default backend type for Riak. It provides low latency request times and high throughput. Keys must fit in memory.
  • LevelDB - best when keys do not fit in memory. It supports Secondary Indexes (2i).
  • Memory - best when using Riak as a distributed cache. All data is stored in in-memory tables and never persisted to disk or any other storage.
  • Multi - meaning multiple backends per cluster.

Note: When you select a backend, resources are allocated to it immediately. Choosing all backends might not be advisable unless you really understand your application use case and are certain that you need them all.



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