Riak Clients for Your Application

Updated: January 24th, 2013

Several Riak clients are available in multiple languages:

  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • PHP


Basho makes and support several Ruby clients for Riak. We will install configuration files for the Ripple ORM in all of your application instances.

Ruby Client (https://github.com/basho/riak-ruby-client)

Riak-client is a rich Ruby client/toolkit for Riak, Basho's distributed database that contains a basic wrapper around typical operations, including bucket manipulation, object CRUD, link-walking, and map-reduce.

Ripple (https://github.com/basho/ripple)

Ripple is a rich Ruby modeling layer for Riak, Basho's distributed database that contains an ActiveModel-based document abstraction which is inspired by ActiveRecord, DataMapper, and MongoMapper.

The ripple.yml file is automatically generated and looks like this:


http_port: 8098

pb_port: 8087

host: localhost


Here are few of Riak clients for Node.js.

Riak.js (http://riakjs.com)

Node.js client for Riak with support for HTTP and Protocol Buffers.

node_riak (https://github.com/mranney/node_riak)

Voxer's production Node.js client for Riak.

nodiak (https://github.com/Coradine/nodiak)

Supports bulk get/save/delete, sibling auto-resolution, MapReduce chaining, Search, and secondary indexes.


These Riak clients are available for PHP.

Ripple-PHP (https://github.com/KevBurnsJr/ripple-php)

A port of Ripple to PHP.

riiak (https://bitbucket.org/intel352/riiak)

A Riak PHP client library for the Yii Framework.



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