Elixir Platform Overview

Engine Yard’s Elixir offering is available only on our Stable v5 platform. We use the same base components that power the rest of our platform.


Haproxy is installed and configured for terminating ssl connections and load balancing between nodes. Nginx is configured for assets and a reverse proxy to cowboy. Monit is configured to monitor and start the elixir applications.


All elixir applications are configured the same way. Each application is configured to run on port 8000 for each application. In a multi-application environment the first application starts on port 8000 and each subsequent application is started 200 ports above the previous one. The second application will start on port 8200.

Production Secrets Creation

Engine Yard provides the database credentials inside of prod.secret.exs. Engine Yard creates customer.secret.exs which holds all of the credentials you do not want to commit to your git repository.



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