Verifying your monthly Engine Yard bill


Engine Yard provides easy ways to understand how pricing calculation works, responding questions like:

  • which are the costs involved with adding n instance to an environment?
  • what else goes into the cost of an instance at EngineYard?
  • how is the itemization of costs? Support, Storage, Computing, AWS, etc.
  • Is it based on the number of instances in the account?

Price Calculation

New customers and existing customers willing to upgrade their environment can use the Cloud Pricing Page and Calculator to estimate costs, selecting the desired plan and hardware configuration that will be deployed, to obtain a direct calculation of the package pricing:

Note: Additional AWS service costs may apply, including Amazon S3, EBS, ELB, reserved IP addresses, etc. These additional services are provided through Engine Yard with 10% uplift from Amazon’s published pricing. AWS EC2 costs can also be confirmed at Amazon EC2 Pricing page.

Cost Verification

Existing customers can view the current cost and previously billed information from their own instances by:

  1. Logging in to, connecting with the Account Owner email
  2. Going to Account —> Account Settings

Content Author: Viktor Mancev



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