Use Multi-Region on Engine Yard Cloud

With Multi-Region in Engine Yard Cloud, an entire environment and its instances can be located in a particular geographic region around the world.

If a majority of your application users are based in a certain region, then locate your environment in the region that is closest to those users. This can lower latency and response times for your users in that region.

These AWS regions are supported:

  • US East (N. Virginia), us-east–1
  • US West (N. California), us-west–1 (used internally at Engine Yard)
  • US West (Oregon), us-west–2
  • EU (Ireland), eu-west–1
  • EU (Frankfurt), eu-central–1
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore), ap-southeast–1
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney), ap-southeast-2
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo), ap-northeast–1
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul), ap-northeast-2 (coming soon)
  • South America (Sao Paulo), sa-east–1


Current limitations

  • Environments cannot be migrated to a new region (the region cannot be changed).
  • Environments can be cloned, but only in the same region.
  • IP addresses are assigned to a region – and thus cannot be moved to a different region.
  • All limitations — regarding the number of instances, IP addresses, and snapshots — are per-region.
  • Pricing within each region is subject to change.

To boot an environment in any region

2016-02-25_1733.pngWhen creating a new environment, select the region this environment should be deployed to. Finish configuring this environment and click Create Environment.

When the environment has been saved, configure your environment instances on the next page and boot. This environment is now being deployed in the Region you selected.

More information

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