Understanding and Resolving Frequent Logging of Requests in Passenger Log File


Passenger log files record requests every five seconds, an unusual frequency that was not previously observed. This issue involves repeated log entries resembling Started HEAD "/" for with timestamps incrementing in five-second intervals. It raises concerns about whether these are monitoring requests or a result of an internal server process. Understanding the nature of these requests and determining the cause is crucial for maintaining optimal server performance and accurate log monitoring.



The frequent requests logged in the Passenger log file originate from within the server itself. These requests are not associated with the Haproxy Health Check Path for the application. They are likely caused by something within the application or its code, potentially as a part of a custom health check mechanism or for debugging purposes. 

  • Internal Review: Coordinate with the Development team to review the application's code. Look for any custom scripts or configurations that might be initiating these requests.
  • Check for Debugging Tools: Investigate if any debugging tools or health check scripts are running within the application that could be causing these frequent requests.
  • SSL Configuration: Ensure that SSL is forced in the environment. An improper SSL configuration can lead to unexpected behaviour, such as frequent unwanted requests.
  • Monitor Changes: After making changes, monitor the Passenger log file for a reduction in the frequency of these requests.
  • Further Troubleshooting: If the issue persists despite these steps, continue investigating other potential causes within the server or the application configuration.

By following these steps, the root cause of the frequent logging in the Passenger file can be identified and resolved, ensuring accurate and efficient log monitoring.


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