The repository ' bionic-pgdg Release' does not have a Release file


PostgreSQL decided to remove Bionic and move it to ""

This was carried out on Nov 5th

For that reason, some older stacks might have outdated information on /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgdg.list and Chef runs will fail for this reason.

While we are working on a permanent fix for v6, this has not yet been implemented at the time of writing this, and might never get implemented on any stack older than v6. In the long term, you should consider Migrating your instances to v7 Stack, or the latest stack at the time you are reading this.


The suggested process is using the overlay method. Specifically, if you are running stack v6 and the permanent fix mentioned in the overview has not been completed yet, you must edit the pgdg file from the runbook under /etc/chef/recipes/cookbooks/postgresql/files/default/pgdg.list

Current value:

  • deb bionic-pgdg main
    deb bionic-pgdg-archive main

Expected value:

  • deb bionic-pgdg main
    deb bionic-pgdg-archive main


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