Understanding Your EngineYard Billing and Pricing


EY is a subscription-based service with various pricing components. This article provides a detailed breakdown of our pricing structure.

Please note that the latest details can be referenced in our page on Pricing - Engine Yard.

Engine Yard pricing and billing

Subscription Details

  • The billing schedule for Engine Yard is monthly. There are no alternative payment schedules.
  • Under normal circumstances, commitment is monthly. However, upgrading to the platinum plan, as well as opting into the AWS discounts requires a 1-year commitment upon first benefiting from either of these.
  • All amendments are applied to the next monthly invoice.

Monthly Charge Items

The monthly bill in Engine Yard is composed of the following items:

  • AWS resource usage
  • Platform support fees per instance
  • Platform support for Amazon RDS, if used
  • A flat account maintenance fee 

AWS Resource Usage

Pricing for AWS resources depends on the specific resource:

  • RDS, EC2, Elasticsearch, and ElastiCache are billed at the published OnDemand pricing, with an optional 10% discount on EC2 usage from which you may benefit when committing for a year.
  • EBS, EFS, S3, and network traffic are billed with AWS prices.
  • All other AWS resources are billed at the published prices, with a 10% fee for management.

Platform Support for Instances

Platform support is charged monthly on a per-instance basis, with the environment tier determining the price for each of the instances:

  • Solo: $50
  • Standard: $180
  • Premium: $360
  • Platinum: $450, with a minimum of 4 instances billed per Platinum environment.
  • If running 6 or more instances in an environment, a discount of $50 per additional instance is applied after the fifth. For example, a 7-instance environment will benefit from a $100 discount.

Customers in stacks older than v7 will have a flat 20% increase over the prices listed above. This is because older stacks are harder to maintain and therefore require an additional investment on our end.

Note: Some customers are still part of our Legacy Support Plan. While this plan is no longer available, the fees for new environments and instances will need to be calculated. Please reach out to Support if you are on this plan and have questions regarding pricing changes. 

Platform Support for Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS fees are also billed monthly for customers that use this solution, with the fee applied corresponding to the highest tier of any of the environments to which it is attached:

  • Platform-only: $120
  • Standard: $800
  • Premium: $1200
  • Platinum: $1800

Account maintenance fee

On top of the items above, a flat $99 Account Maintenance fee is applied monthly at the account level.

Professional services

Professional Services are charged at $370/hr and billed with the next monthly invoice after the Professional Services work took place.

Billing and Payment Issues

For issues related to billing and payments, please raise a ticket with Central Finance Support.


Q: What is the commitment period for EngineYard's subscription?
A: The commitment is normally monthly, but upgrading to the Platinum tier or availing the AWS discount requires a one-year commitment.

Q: How are AWS resources billed?
A: AWS resources are billed at published OnDemand pricing, with a 10% discount when committing for a year. EBS, EFS, S3, and network traffic are billed at AWS prices. All other AWS resources are billed at published prices plus a 10% margin for managing fees.

Q: How can I raise a ticket for billing and payment issues?
A: Billing and payment issues are handled by the Finance Team, and related queries should be addressed to the Central Finance Help Center.

Q: What is the legacy support plan?
A: Accounts created before October 2016 have the same Support Level across the entire account, despite the number of environments. After said date, new accounts allowed to set the Support Level per environment. Customers are offered the possibility of transitioning to per environment Support by going to cloud.engineyard.com/account/<id>/new_pricing


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